Fortune 500 / Top 500 Internet Retailer Brand Protection

Large Companies and Brands have a unique set of requirements and concerns online.

There are years and millions of dollars invested in the Brand and it’s perception in the market.

Brand Traffic benefits your company with continued sales but also invites competition in Paid and Organic SEO keywords and listings. We work to protect your investment and get traffic to the most appropriate page on your website.

Often overlooked or stagnant, Trademark and House Brand Names should be celebrated and protected. While a 5 or 10% improvement on Non Brand Terms is commendable, on Brand Terms this can be millions of dollars of revenue yearly!

We have seen improvements on Brand Revenue being 25% higher with full management and optimization of the Google Brand Terms although this is not guaranteed or to be expected.

We are experts at monitoring, reporting, and correcting Brand traffic collection and capitalization.

This allows your team to know that a key part of your online presence is protected and that Brand Skimmers are being held at bay.

The online user experience of many of these competitors is less than ideal and weakens your brand. Often they run ads and have listings suggesting 50 to 80% off your entire inventory.  Even worse their pages often suggest that the user go to a direct competitor or some other property they obtain revenue from.

This is not ideal.

We use our proprietary set of tools to review which sites are bidding on your terms and work to protect those keywords and write ads that are more appealing while being completely accurate and brand right.

Multiple aspects of online advertising and multiple channels are used to collect Brand Traffic and get them on the highest converting page on your site as soon as possible.

We can interface with several parts of your company to understand where Brand Terms are being targeted and forming appropriate affiliate and partner procedures.

We also discuss your companies challenges with Search Engines, your partners, and your legal team.

We can often audit and review the performance of a Fortune 500 or IR500 company and review those findings in a report or phone call for free.

Hourly Work, Support and Management:
We can work with your team or agency on an hourly basis to help protect high value Brand keywords.  This can be done during certain times such as holiday or during staffing shortcomings.

Ongoing Brand Management:
We do this with a program establishing a baseline of revenue you have seen from Brand terms and then we work to increase this and only charge you for a lift over that baseline. It is based on revenue and not ad spend so we are completely focused on improvements that your company is interested.

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