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Online Brand Protection

Protect your Brand and Trademarks by:

  • Considering Branding and Usability problems you have seen in the past.
  • Review those in the online environment and how they can be corrected.
  • Examine Paid Advertising Accounts Currently for their ability to protect brand and trademarks.
  • Manage the Current Account Structure to its Best.
  • Plan a new Improved Thorough Account Structure to Fight Brand Bidders.
  • Thoroughly review your Website for best Landing Pages.
  • Consider New Pages or Structure that can help protect Brand.
  • Measure Results and Correct as Needed.
  • Reach Out to Brand Bidders as Needed to Correct Issue.
  • Interface with Legal Teams to Protect your Brand.

To get Assistance with Online Brand Protection please Contact Us.

About Us

A paid Brand Search specialty firm, BrandPPC, concentrates on protecting your Brand, Trademarks, and businesses future online.

BrandPPC has 5 Guiding Principles:

  1. Treat the Clients Advertising Spend as we would our own money.
  2. Online Advertising is not mysterious, confusing, or unrepeatable. We don’t cloud our actions, and we work hard to have consistent, predictable, yet amazing results for our clients.
  3. Acting and Billing in a fashion that rewards us for good work and works with your long term business goals.
  4. Be Brand Right for all the Brands we work for. Not a amalgamation of all large corporate Brands but Right for each independent one.
  5. Knowing our part of your total marketing efforts and not going past our boundaries or working against your other channels.

Built around these core principles, BrandPCC plans to take a commanding place in the Online Marketing Arena by maximizing most companies most valuable asset, their Brand and how to capture that traffic.

BrandPPC is headed by online marketing veteran Michael Smith. First getting involved in SEO he was asked by a client in 2001 if he could work on their Paid Advertising Account which seemed promising but was just breaking even. Working on their Paid Account they quickly saw a decrease in Cost per Click of over 300%. His interest in Paid Advertising meshed well with the degree he was finishing in Global Business Marketing and the hook was set.  Paid Online Advertising has an immediacy and proven ROI that few marketing channels can show. And also the way most businesses like to plan!

To learn what these types of Principles can do working for your company please Contact Us.

Your Brand – Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Company’s Founders spent inspiration, hard work, and millions in investments over years to create your Brand, its taglines, product trademarks, and thousands of followers. Don’t let other companies dictate how it is represented in the top Search Engines.

Have companies bidding on your main company name? We can fight that with our multi-approach model that includes page position monitoring and adjustment, split testing ads, more relevant landing pages, and a large increase in the number of keywords in an account.

We don’t make excuses and we don’t just “monitor”. We aggressively chase brand bidders off your trademarks before they see it as a source of easy money.

To Learn more about Protecting your Most Valuable Asset please Contact Us.

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